A settembre una Summer School (in inglese) sui metodi quantitativi per la valutazione degli effetti

24/04/2012 → Eventi

  • Data e durata dell'evento: 01/09/2012, 12 giorni

The summer school is intended for evaluators interested in learning how to design an impact evaluation and how to tender for one, and for the staff of government and non-profit organizations interested in commissioning impact evaluations. Applicants should provide evidence of professional involvement with evaluation activities, should possess a good command of English and a basic knowledge of statistics. The maximum number of participants admitted will be 50.

The school will be held in the Pracatinat resort situated on the mountain range near Torino, in the area that hosted the 2006 Olympic Winter Games. Transportation will be provided from Torino’s airport, railways station and from the arrival of the shuttle from Milano’s airports.

Applications must be received by May 20, 2012 and admissions will be announced by June 1st and notified by email. All fees include full room and board at Pracatinat and transportation to and from Pracatinat from airport and railways stations, plus one night in Torino in a 3-­‐star hotel. The fees are € 1,200 for module A, € 700 for module B and €1,800 for both modules (they include 21% VAT). The entire A+B sequence is strongly recommended unless evidence of prior knowledge of the material covered in Module A is provided, in which case Module B alone is sufficient. Finally, it is possible but not recommended to participate only in module A.

In order to help evaluators without a paying sponsor, we will offer a reduced fee to a maximum of 10 participants of € 1,000. A separate section of the application form must be completed to request the reduced fee.

The tutor of the Summer School will be Lisa Zaquini: