Scaffale: Scienze del Pubblico e Istituzioni

Regonini - Il Mulino, 2012 - Articolo - Italiano

Rivista Italiana di Politiche Pubbliche - Numero: 1, Aprile 2012
This introductory article illustrates the focus of this special issue, devoted to the relationship between political institutions and disciplinary knowledge. The basic idea of this research is that 'first order institutions', with a constitutional relevance, may be strongly influenced by a particular kind of 'second order institutions': the organization of competencies parliaments and governments need to articulate their functions. In this frame, four scientific paradigms deserve special attention: the law, the budget, the management, and the policy perspectives. Their relevance is confirmed both from a diachronic and a synchronic perspective. We examine their institutionalization through processes of accommodation and assimilation, with a core emphasis on the emergence of the policy sciences.

Regonini Gloria

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