Scaffale: Evidence-Based Policymaking: Insights from Policy-Minded Researchers and Research-Minded Policymaker

K. Bogenschneider, T.J. Corbett - Routledge Academic, 2010 - Manuale - Inglese

This book is for those who believe that good government should be based on hard evidence, and that research and policy ought to go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, no such bond exists. Rather, there is a substantial gap, some say chasm, between the production of knowledge and its utilization. Despite much contrary evidence, the authors propose there is a way of doing public policy in a more reflective manner, and that a hunger for evidence and objectivity does exist.

1. Exploring the Disconnect Between Research and Policy 2. Do Policymakers Want Evidence? Insights from Research-Minded Policymakers 3. When Researchers Delivered Evidence to Policymakers 4. Who are These Knowledge Producers and Knowledge Consumers Anyway? 5. Why Research is Underutilized in Policymaking: Community Dissonance Theory 6. Breaking Through Stereotypes of Policymakers 7. What Knowledge Producers Should Know About the Policymaking Process 8. Barriers to and Rewards of Cross-Cultural Communication 9. Communicating With Policymakers: Insights from Policy-Minded Researchers 10. Approaching Policymakers: Moving Beyond "What" to "How" 11. Generating Evidence on Disseminating Evidence to Policymakers 12. Where Do We Go from Here? Appendix: Methodological Notes. References

Karen Bogenschneider, Thomas J. Corbett

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